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Digital Indicating Controller/Isolated Transmitter
The new Shinko DCL-33A Series is a compact, expandable and highly effective built-in temperature controller which can be used as a controller or an isolated transmitter.
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JC Series

Economical and High Performance
• Multi type input (10 thermcouple, 2 RTD, 2 DC current, 4 DC voltage).
• Memory Function equipped as standard and can be switched with external contact signal
• RS485 communcation function allow full control and monitoring of controllers (option)
• IP66 structure allow usage in harsh environments where controller is exposed to water or dust.
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Digital Indicators 48x96mm

• Multi type input
• 3 alarms output as standard
• 4-20mA (0-20mA) signal transmission output as standard

• IP66 structure
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Digital Handheld thermo / hygrometer

• Memory storage for 10 measurements
• IP65 construction allows for use in harsh environments
• backlight
• RTD, type K and hygrothermo sensor input.
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2 Channels Data logger / controller

• Data logging to CF card
• 2 channels independent control
• Standard 2-point alarm

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Economical Programmable Controller

• Multitype input
• 9 patterns, 9 steps
• Easy programming
I• P66 protection

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Compact programmable controller 24x48mm

• Multitype input
• 1 pattern/9 step programmable control function
• Signal converter function
• Delay timer function
• RS485 communication (option)
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Programmable Controllers

• 16 steps/pattern, 20 patterns
• Accuracy of ±0.1% with sampling period of 0.1 sec
• External memory option for data save and load
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Chart Recorder

• Compact: 150mm in depth, 1.5kg
• RS-232 Comm. interface as standard. RS-485 (option)
• IP65 construction for harsh environments applications
• 1 pen, 2 pens or 6 points (dot printing)
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