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Opkon LPH Linear Position Transducers

LPH Linear Position Transducers Description

LPH is a simply mounted, high precision industrial linear motion transducer (position sensor) with sliding rod. It is widely used in the areas of injection moulding, textile, transfer and hydraulic machines.

It has very low temperature drift, infinite resolution and long mechanical life.


Resistance 5 or 10 Kohm
Resistance tolerance ±%20
Electrical connections 4 pole, hydraulic type
Load resistance RL ≥ 1 Mohm
IP degree IP53
Mechanical fixing Adjustable bracket
Case material Anodized aluminum
Mechanical stroke 100 to 1250 mm
Linearity ± 0.5%, ± 0.1%, ± 0.05%
Mechanical Life 100 million cycle
Repeatability ≤ 0.05%
Displacement Speed ≤ 5m/s
Working temperature -20 to 80 °C