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ENDA indicators, voltmeters, ammeters
Model EI141 EI741A EPA141 EPA741 EPV141 EPV741
W77xH34 W72xH72 W77xH34 W72xH72 W77xH34 W72xH72
Display 4 digits 3 digits
Scale -1999...4000 -1999...4000 For AC and RMS 0A...9999A
For DC -999A...9999A
For AC and RMS 0V...500V
For DC -500V...500V
Sensitivity 0.002A x 0.1V (between -100V and 100V)
1V ( lower than -100V and higher than 100V )
Accuracy ± 0,5% (of full scale) ± 0,5% (of full scale) For AC and RMS ±%1 (of full scale) (For square wave form ±%2)
For DC ±%1 (of full scale)
Frequency range DC, 10Hz - 200Hz (For square wave form 10Hz-70Hz)
Input type
0-1V DC voltage
0-10V DC voltage
0-20mA DC current
4-20mA DC current
12V DC max. 50mA (unregulated) or 8V DC max. 50mA (regulated) or 5V DC max. 50mA (regulated)
Relay: 250V AC, 8A (for resistive load), NO+NC
Decimal point
Adjustable between 1. and 3. digits. Adjustable between 1. and 3. digits. Values between -100V and 100 V can be indicated with one decimal number.
Supply voltage
230V AC +%10 -%20, 50/60Hz or 24V AC ±%10, 50/60Hz
or optional 9-30V DC SMPS module.
  Parameter access protection


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